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Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling

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Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling

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Who We Are

Planet Forge Games is an independent developer group of veterans that hail from Ubisoft, EA, Namco, Sega and Sierra, forged with the sole purpose of revitalizing the industry by reimagining games and reinventing genres to fit the modern day gamer.

Having decades of experience working on titles like the Crash Bandicoot series, The Legend of Spyro series, Soul Calibur series, Final Fantasy series, Crystal Defenders, Puzzle Quest 2, Rolling with Katamari, The Incredible Machine, Delta Force, Bourne Conspiracy, Silent Hunter series, Chess Master series, Medal of Honor, Red Alert, and more, we plan on make games fun again without relying on game design crutches and traps.

Our goal isn’t to build franchises but to make memorable games from about any genre that we can tackle and even mixing things up a bit.

Our Manifesto

Thou Shall Not

Sequel for the sake of sequels

We’re not here to create franchises. We’re here to make memorable games that you’ll feel the urge to play and show others how to play.

Hold a player’s hands throughout their adventures

When you start our games you should expect a unique interactive experience not a walk-through.

Participate in the Clone wars

We strive to enhance the gaming experience not to repeat it. Making a clone of something that already exists leaves a bitter taste in our mouths.

Make the same genre twice in a row

We trust our capacity to come up with something new every time. Also in our HR’s ability to hire someone who can…

Thou Shalt

Encourage players to shape the development process

Even though the core concept will be chosen by the team, we encourage the Community to participate in many of the development decisions.

Be hungry to learn and try new things

Nobody knows everything and we’re no exception to the rule. We’re here to make fun games of every genre and try new things in the process.

Take games seriously

Although it sounds like fun, it’s never “just a game”. Games are part of our lives and making something superficial is inexcusable.

Strive to provide AAA quality at affordable prices

We respect our community so making a game less than awesome is simply unacceptable.

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling

In this side-scrolling Action RPG, you take the role of a World Eater which travels through The Void smashing and burrowing into unsuspecting worlds. There you can:

  • take control of a summoned Dragon which can be equipped and customized for maximum mayhem and destruction,
  • command minions to assassinate, pillage, spy and terraform,
  • defend against Settlement Armies, Thieves, Heroes and Slayers
  • fight other dragons for supremacy and new abilities,
  • forge armors and abilities,
  • obliterate entire worlds on a whim,

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