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Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

In A Nutshell

In this side-scrolling Action RPG, take the role of a Dragon summoning World Eater which lives on the precious Domination Energy gained by draining the life force and resources of worlds.

  • Take control of a summoned Dragon which can be equipped and customized for maximum mayhem and destruction,
  • Command minions to assassinate, pillage, spy and terraform,
  • Defend against Settlement Armies, Thieves, Heroes and Dragon Slayers,
  • Fight other Dragons for supremacy and gain their abilities,
  • Forge new Dragon armours and abilities,
  • Obliterate entire worlds on a whim.

Experience a world where Settlements dynamically react to Dragon presence

  • Armies and Heroes are summoned to steal from the Dragon's Lair,
  • Dragon Slayers warp in to hunt down Dragons if the situation gets too dire,
  • Settlements upgrade and rebuild themselves,
  • Loot Caravans are sent from one Settlement to another to boost each-other's economy,
  • Retrievers are sent to grab Loot dropped on the map.

Experience the randomness of a world where Biomes and their Settlements, Settlement armies and their abilities, events and... pretty much everything related to the world will be randomized on every new game.

This game lets you mod just about anything from how everything looks to what everything uses to attack you with.

  • Steampunk Dragons? - no problem!
  • Units firing sheep as projectiles ? – done!
  • Biomes made of cake? - already there! No, really!

In this epic domination contest will you survive long enough to conquer the entire galaxy?

How It Plays

This is the game's first super ultra mega indie trailer where we show off the game's core features. More videos coming soon-ish.

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game Steam Indie Database

The Lore

The Dragons

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

No Dragon is as elusive as the Steam Dragon and keeping one summoned is a World Eater’s way to boast about its seemingly endless supply of Domination Energy. Due to its ethereal nature, the Dragon’s shape can only be maintained using a highly pressurized metal body.

Seemingly immortal, this Dragon can only be defeated by severely damaging its container, forcing the creature to dissipate.

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

It’s unknown where World Eaters go to find the Dragon Cores that spawn Clockwork Dragons. These are a World Eater’s pride and joy and no true Dragon Core collector would be seen without one.

It is said that whenever attacking one of these Dragons time seems to slow down or even stop in their immediate vicinity making them nearly impossible to hit with normal projectiles.

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

Harvesting the Void’s sounds, World Eaters can create the Heavy Metal Dragon Core. Although they live in the Void, creating a Heavy Metal Dragon Core is not an easy task requiring a lot of Domination Energy.

Few worlds have heard the song of the Void and fewer still have lived to tell the tale.

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

As a World Eater, your collection of Dragon Cores must grow.

Each Dragon has its own passive ability ranging from the ability to temporarily terraform without a Totem to faster ability charge-up or even hoard syphoning.

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

The Dragon Slayers

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

After stumbling over a World Eater’s remains he went inside only to find a looted Dragon’s Lair. Searching to see if anything was left behind, he found a nearly perfect sphere made of rock near a runed pedestal. Grabbing the rock made it glow and almost instantly a portal opened up above and a giant World Clutcher claw came down pulling him into the Void of the World Eaters.

Story goes that the same kind of portal opens every time the world is threatened by World Eaters. A creature made of Domination Energy emerges from the portal bearing a World Clutcher claw for an arm and relentlessly chases down the Dragons killing them with strange magic and stealing their energy.

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

The search for knowledge and the truth of his world led him into the depths of a dead World Eater. Even after hundreds of years since the World Eater’s demise, Domination Energy filled the air making a dense poisonous fog. Denser still was the fog around the now empty hoard chamber in which the gold used to reside. The goal of this intrusion however wasn’t the fortune but the countless runes that seemed to be on every wall. One wall in particular stood out which seemed to have runes glow whenever a bag of gold was nearby.

Eons passed since discovering the wall’s secret and Jar’Edo is still alive showing up whenever a World Eater appears. Using his knowledge of the Void he hunts down Dragons to feed his books and to quench his endless thirst of knowledge and power.

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

Sometimes creatures get dragged into the Void when the World Eaters use their World Clutcher to recover the Dragon’s essence when it dies. Such is the case of a creature too curious for its own good who got too close to a Dragon’s corpse as the Void portal opened.

It is said that sometimes, when a World Eater is present on a world an odd creature is seen flying on what looks like a street lamp. It’s said that it can take away the light and use it as a weapon which can kill even the mightiest of Dragons.

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

There are as many Slayer tales as there are surviving worlds.

What were once simple beings that walked in the light, Slayers seem to be attracted to the darkness of World Eaters, attempting to fuel their thirst for power, scavenging anything of value. The Dragon's Hoard however, doesn't leave anyone unchanged or unscarred. The toll for power must be paid in full. Who knows what each Slayer gave away in exchange for their abilities and who knows how many more will be corrupted by the Void.

Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

Game Details

The World Eaters

This universe is populated by countless worlds teeming with life and a seemingly infinite biome variety.

In what seems like an all you can eat buffet, entities from the Void known only as World Eaters travel from planet to planet in order to devour resources and life force and obtain Dragon Cores.

The hoarded treasures are turned into Domination Energy which they use to:

  • Open Void Gates that allow them to travel to new worlds. Larger worlds require more Domination Energy;
  • Summon Dragons to act as their Heralds of Doom;
  • Forge Abilities and Armor that can be swapped on-world by any summoned Dragon.

These monumental creatures create their own twisted biome version which they’ll imprint on a planet on impact. As the host planet gets progressively terraformed so does the World Eater’s hold over the world’s resources and its core. Once the world becomes devoid of life and resources, the World Eater obliterates it before opening a Void Gate to its next meal.

Although capable of unimaginable destruction, they’re vulnerable to the "insects" that inhabit the worlds. The Settlers will rush to a World Eater’s core to steal its life force which also happens to be a mountain of precious stones and metals. To protect themselves, the World Eaters collect Dragon Cores which they use to summon Dragons of different shapes, sizes and types.

They will act as Lairs for the summoned Dragons using excess resources to build up a comfortable habitat for them, giving them access to Abilities, Armors and Minions and providing them with healing and transportation.

When not on a world, Lairs will retreat in the Void where they can use stored Domination Energy to forge new Abilities and Armor for Dragons and fiddle with various settings of the Universe.

The Dragons

Masters of shapeshifting, Dragons can infiltrate settlements and then can either steal valuable loot from the settlers to feed the Lair or morph back into their Dragon form and rise up from the middle of the settlement destroying structures in the process.

Their mere presence terraforms the land to a draconic landscape disrupting a region’s income and their Call can command armies of minions to destroy or infiltrate settlements, overrun or assassinate enemies, build defenses, recover dropped treasures or permanently terraform regions.

Dragons have access to various facilities that allow them to dominate worlds including the Armor Forge, Ability Forge and Domination Engine.

  • The Armor Forge will allow Dragons to fully customize their armor sets from how they look to what individual stats they have. The forged armors can be stored in the Abyssal Armory which will allow any Dragon to equip any available armor.
  • The Ability Forge will allow Dragons to discover new abilities, upgrade them or fuse them together for more powerful effects. Similar to the Abyssal Armory, they can be stored in the Abyssal Conflux which will allow any Dragon to use any available ability.
  • The Domination Engine will allow Dragons to create and customize their own Domination Essence - decaying power-ups that affect all available Dragons and their abilities. The Engine is powered by forged abilities whose levels affect the Domination Essence intensity.

World Eaters can gain new Dragon Cores by defeating other World Eaters. Each Dragon having unique traits and visuals.

The Settlers

The local settlers are none too happy about their Dragon neighbors. In preparation for the encounter, they will start gathering resources, help each-other grow by sending Loot Caravans from one-another and will send Thieves to loot the nearby Dragon Lairs.

Once their wealth allows it, they’ll be able to summon Hero Parties, Armies or even Dragon Slayers. The Thieves Guild will make its services available for the Settlers allowing them to send Thieves to stealthily steal from the Dragon’s Lair.

  • Hero Parties drawn by the sense of adventure, seeking fame and fortune or simply being forced into it by peer pressure, will warp onto the Dragon’s world in an attempt to loot or even slay the “World Eater”.
  • Armies are summoned forth by settlements to destroy the Dragon’s Lair and loot it. The army ranks are filled with all sorts of the oddities from the Greed Plane which will do anything for the promise of loot, even raiding a Dragon’s Lair.
  • Dragon Slayers are the ultimate combat summons which will actively seek out and hunt Dragons, empowering all Armies and Hero Parties in the process.

The Dragon’s hoard size will attract more and more unwanted attention from Thieves, Hero Parties, Armies and Dragon Slayers.

The Conflict

Occasionally players may find that other Dragons inhabit the same planet and they will have to use all their strength to defeat these foes; the prize being new abilities which they can upgrade to deal more damage and to have new effects added.

The encounters will be fast paced and dynamic allowing dragons to use up to 4 types of abilities of 3 varying intensities with just a click of the mouse. The combat system favors and rewards good aim more than blind attack spam.

Incoming attacks can either be avoided by quickly dashing out of the way or straight up tanked using a defensive ability or carefully crafted armor.

Settlements will protect themselves using various abilities similar to a Dragon’s so players should be prepared for a world of hurt when deciding whether or not to attack a seemingly harmless village of laser cannon enthusiasts.

Enemies that cannot defeat a Dragon will not engage in pointless fights, instead they’ll focus on stealing the dragon’s hoard faster. They will however be equipped with abilities which will severely cripple an overconfident Dragon.

Stealing from the Dragons and giving to themselves, the Champions of Justice will relentlessly… rob Dragons blind every time they get the chance. They will be tough opponents bent on emptying the Dragon’s coffers as fast as they can. Wielding powerful abilities they’re not easy to defeat (for all the wrong reasons).

Specialized Dragon Slayers will relentlessly hunt down Dragons using exotic abilities and their presence will boost the morale of all other enemies.

The Others
  • Mysterious Traders will appear offering resources, abilities and a safe haven for Dragons. Settlements however strongly believe that Dragon Traders ruin the neighborhood and they will dispatch punitive forces to swiftly deal with the undesirables.
  • Settlements will send Caravans to boost each-other’s economy or to save their fortune in case they’re facing certain doom.
  • Random Encounters will have Dragons engage in various challenge events.

The End?

World Eaters can choose to change planets at any time destroying the current one in the process. Each new planetary impact will result in the seamless procedural generation of a whole world.

After they're done consuming a planet, World Eaters get to choose their next collision course choosing their next meal:

  • Tame World – a small world where wounded World Eaters can feed off to regain some of the lost hoard.
  • Balanced World – a medium-sized world where players can find moderate challenge and a moderate supply of loot to increase their Dragon’s hoard.
  • Raging World – a large world where players get to fend off powerful armies and conquer large settlements to gain ability experience, armor materials and hoard.
  • Dragon World – players get to fight NPC Dragons to gain new abilities.
  • Nemesis World - multiplayer vs battle.

Planet collisions will not affect the Lair – carrying over any and all changes made to it. It will however kill the minions.

The Challenges

Each time World Eaters land on a planet, a random list of Dynamic Challenges will be given, which Dragons have to go out of their way to complete. Challenges will offer various rewards which range from Domination Energy to Armor Set pieces and blueprints.

  • Take the Hobbits to Isengard - even after all this time Hobbits need be taken to Isengard...
  • Zombie Plants vs Dragons - when a Necroplanter starts raising undead plants, only a Dragon can root out this evil (it's pretty corny we know...)
  • Eat the Cloudtart - some clouds are just begging to be eaten. Catching this fast food will be a challenge however...

The Game Modes

Game modes feature some fast paced worlds with different rule sets. Each game mode will offer increasingly better rewards as the players advance through the game.

  • Domination Spree – is a mode in which the Dragons have to destroy small worlds increasingly faster to satiate the Lair’s hunger.
  • Abyssal Storm – is a mode in which Lair Seeds will constantly fall from the sky replacing defeated Lairs creating a proving ground.
  • Meltdown – is a mode in which the world’s volcanos are unstable creating dangerous fire rains all around the planet.

Development Progress





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Dragon Supporter


  • You will receive:

  • A Dragon Supporter badge
  • Our heartfelt thanks
  • Access to the development forum where you can monitor the game’s progress and can discuss the game’s development with the devs.

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Dragon Keeper


  • You will receive:

  • The Dragon Supporter rewards +
  • A Dragon Keeper badge;
  • A Digital Copy of the game;
  • An Exclusive Wallpaper.

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Planet Forge Games Dragon Hoard Domination RPG Sidescrolling Dragon Game

Armor Smith


  • You will receive:

  • The Dragon Keeper rewards +
  • An Armor Smith badge;
  • A Meteor Armor Matrix which allows you to build one of the special Set Armors right off the bat.

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Void Smith


  • You will receive:

  • Armor Smith rewards +
  • A Bottled Void Core which allows you to forge a new set of abilities right off the bat;
  • The epic soundtracks of this game in all their glory.

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Development Milestones

$120,000 - Base Package

This is the base game without any fancy depth of play

  • Your very own World Eater – complete with Dragon summoning rooms, Armor Forge, Ability Forge, Minion Dens, customizable, upgradeable, able to travel through Void Portals and destroy worlds (batteries not included).
  • Your very own Dragons – Dragons, their abilities and armor - you name it, you can customize it.
  • Dynamic gameplay – Because dodging enemy attacks should be the norm.
  • Persistent metagame – What you build is yours to keep.
  • Persistent in-game rewards transferred to the metagame – You only need to earn them once.
  • Procedurally generated worlds - To infinity and beyond!
  • Summon minions to do your bidding – It’s not domination unless you command an endless horde of minions.
  • An extremely moddable and customizable framework – because the devs never know what the game is supposed to be like.

$150,000 - Strategic Depth

For when a rampaging Dragon doesn't seem to work all that well...

  • Make minions more important by adding up to 12 sub-specializations for the Dragon's Lair.
  • Will overhaul minion room functionality to gear it towards a more minion-oriented system.
  • Will increase the number of rooms available to build minions in.
  • Minions will gain new abilities
  • Minions will be able to equip gear.
  • Modders will be able to fiddle around with the minions.

$170,000 - Challenges

Because not going out of your way to help those hobbits find their way to Isengard while everyone wants to kill you is inexcusable

  • We'll implement a challenge system that ties in with metagame rewards.
  • We'll create a pool of challenges that will get randomized on each new world.
  • Modders will be able to fiddle around and create their own challenges.

$190,000 - Game Modes

Domination Spree, Abyssal Storm or Meltdown are only a few of the epic sounding names describing equally epic game modes.

  • We'll implement a game mode system that ties in with metagame rewards.
  • These will offer various challenges that break away from the normal gameplay (see below).
  • Modders will be able to fiddle around and create their own game mode variations.

$200,000 - Useful Achievements

Achievements will reward excellence with more than “just a badge”.

  • We'll implement an achievement system that rewards players with useful and unique Armor Sets, Abilities and Dragons.
  • In a complete twist on game development you will have to actually Earn these unlike you would in most games...
  • These achievements will also be tied to Steam's system allowing you to rack up those points.

$250,000 - Casual Multiplayer

Because what's the point of playing solo when you can dominate worlds with your friends in PvP or Team PvP.

  • We'll create the multiplayer mode allowing players to connect and play with each-other.
  • Modders will be able to show off their stuff to other players.
  • We'll hire people to patch something up for this.
  • We'll make a multiplayer support department.

$300,000 - Competitive Multiplayer

For when casual slaughter isn't enough....

  • We'll build a competitive multiplayer platform.
  • We'll build a solid ranking system.
  • Dragons will gain the Shapeshifting ability allowing for a more stealthy approach when facing a more powerful opponent.
  • We'll build a Domination Engine that further empowers your Dragon's destructive abilities.
  • We'll build a solid matchmaking system for competitive play.
  • We’ll build an in-game trade market for Abilities, Dragon Cores Armor Blueprints and Materials.
  • We'll hire people that actually know what they're doing.
  • We'll hire more people in the support department that you can blame for random things.

$500,000 - Multi-Platform

For who wants to enjoy the same experience on every device ever (yes, even toasters)

  • We'll start making versions for other platforms depending on demand.